About the ancient greek music we have only studies around the period 400 B.C.-300 A.D. -like Aristoteles, Aristoxenus, Pythagoras etc.-  so it’s impossible to know how the music performed. In my personal opinion the best way to clarify someone this music is through the greek traditional music and mainly through the original staff which exist in isolated places like in mountains or small islands; and before 1970, when the people in province still lived in an “old” way of life. This similarity there is also on the whole of these two cultures (theater, dance, relationship with supernatural etc.)

Following the opposite direction we can analyze much better the greek traditional music using ancient studies and also to add some elements which disappeared  or changed over time. In any case we should not forget that the mother of nine Muses in ancient Greece was “Mnemosyne”, which means “Memory”.

There is a relation ship between greek folk music and modern music creativity, which can be observed in the following fields: i) the use of micro-tones ii) the effort of deconstruction of rhythmical and melodic phrases iii) the use of improvisational elements iv) the flexibility which provided to player as to the way of performance which he chooses and v) the immensely variety of rhythms, scales, polyphonies and combinations of instruments. All these elements exist both in greek folk music and contemporary.

I believe that is the right time to inspired the contemporary music  much more from anyone traditional culture. The composer-creator is responsible to choose the right elements that he needs for his work, including these in the present. This inspiration could be several things which including in a traditional culture, like a landscape, the colors, the nature, the way of of people, a rhythm, an instrument, a dance, a costume, a fairy tale, the food etc. In this case the piece could be belong in a new “geological sound” and finally might be a palette with a lot of contemporary “geological sounds”, and of course this is absolutely different of “ethnic” music, because the different is that the first one is based on individual creation and the other on mimicry.


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