AR | 3 (1st structure of plan)

AR | 3 (structure of plan)

1. Choose the geographical region of the research: Northern Greece
Individual included regions: Thrace, Macedonia, Épirus, Thessalía

2. Explanation and analysis of the selection of geographical part

3. Categorization
a. List of instruments from every region
b. List of instruments which will be investigated
c. Unique chapter of the research will be the singing
d. So far there is a question mark about the research of the dance and the relation with the music part

4. Criteria for the selection of material
a. Intervals – Scales: finding unique intervals trying for the frequency  measurement and for the transcription using microtonality system

b. Rhythm
• writing down of unique rhythms and rhythm patterns
• transcription of rhythmical phrases
• elasticity and plasticity of rhythms and rhythmical patterns and finding the main reference rhythm
• finding relation between rhythms

c. Musical technical elements
• glissando
• trill
• mordent
• appoggiatura, acciaccatura

d. Expression techniques
• several ways of blowing in the winds
• techniques of bowing in the strings

e. Heterophonic – polyphonic

1. Data library

2. Testing the data in classical instruments

3. Finding the exact explanations and terms to describe the data


1. Compose small pieces having different topics inspired from the results